Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Remake Slide

 Foter / CC BY-SA

Thoughts on PP

I personally haven't had to use PowerPoint much in my school career but I feel like I have a decent understanding for its purpose. I've never really sat down and gave the program my undivided attention. The times I've had to use it, my presentations were short and sweet. Watching Don McMillan explain how poorly PowerPoint is used it made sense to me. Not having creativity in a presentation or putting too much information on slides are both easy traps to fall into. When someones PowerPoint grabs my attention its because of the imagination that's put into the images or how the text is displayed. In order to have a unique presentation you have to put some time and effort into it.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Photo cred: Barack Obama / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
In designing this poster I used to well known actors as the main attraction. My also emphasized their names by giving them unique fonts and colors unlike any others on the poster. It is a comedy so I made the background colorful and got pictures of them that made look somewhat funny. I added repition in my font colors as well as in the alignement of the pictures. I think this made the poster more dynamic and appealing to the eye. 


This picture was taken by Limestone Basketball twitter handle at the conclusion of practice.
This movie is a documentary of the Men's basketball team from the beginning of the semester in August until now. I used repition in my color scheme with the title along with the names of the people starring in the documentary, one including myself. The picutre itself takes up much of the space on the poster and demands quite a bit of attention. Thats why I left aligned the names of the people in the movie. I used really bold fonts in order to make the all of the characters easy to read. At first, I had the first names of the people in a larger font until I realized that it could potentially overshadow the title of the movie.


I didn't copy down the photo credit from last week when I originally downloaded it from

This version of Presentation Zen is a horror film with three famous actors. On the poster I put the star cast members names at the top of the poster while bolding and underlining their last names. I know that in the Hollywood world famous persons are generally recognized by their first and last names. For the title I used an older type font that was popular back in the day for older horror films. I also gave the titles underline and subtitle red coloring to represent blood that would be in the movie. My whole objective was to make the audience scared and intrigued at the same time. I think I did very well in getting my point across.