Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Photoshoot

This is a picture taken from the my living room. Being from Arizona we don't get to see all four seasons occur. I thought this was really cool because the trees were filled with leaves and the had so many different colors.
This is the same shot from my living room but just during the snow day. Where I live in Arizona there is never snow. The coldest it might ever get in below 40 degrees. So for me to see the trees now bare and its branches covered in snow was amazing for me to see.
 This is a picture inside Time Warner Cable Arena. This is home to Charlotte's NBA team the Bobcats. For me being the basketball nerd that, this was the first time I had ever been to a professional sporting event outside of Arizona. It was neat because of the Bobcats color scheme that was very noticeable on the court but also in their jerseys'. My lovely girlfriend took me for Valentines day and I was able to get this nice shot.
This is a picture of my niece back in Arizona. Yes I know she is way lighter than me but if you knew what my family you would understand. This is only a few months after she was born. She is now much bigger and stronger than she was in this picture. Her name is Addyson Monroe Broom.

This is a picture of me at the end of one my workouts here at Timken gym. The picture was taken and edited on my iPhone. This filter made the gym and my clothes look really different. Before my season started my girlfriend and I would be in here every night where I would have to make 500 shots before I could leave the gym. Sometime we wouldn't leave the gym on weekends until 1am.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pat Wright (Photographer)

  1. Composition process in which something is made parts arranged things are combined to form a whole
  2. Shoot tight and keep empty space to a minimum
  3. Shoot sharp hold the camera still or use a tripod
  4. Use different angles
  5. Use different lens'
  6. Be aware of the light 
  7. Rule of thirds 
  8. Carry lens tissue 
  9. Carry notepad for long trips
  10. Links to online photo galleries 

Fair Clause

Fair Clause:

1. I am strictly using this picture for a nonprofit, educational purpose.
2. We had a class project which was to create some of our own memes and this picture was one of mine.
3. This picture is only being used by me for this class assignment.
4. This picture has no value and no alternative purpose besides fulfilling my professors homework assignment.
Nebojsa Mladjenovic / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Monday, February 17, 2014

Converted pic

This is my now that has been converted on image converted. I changed the DPI to 72 and it compressed the picture to its best fitting size. By doing this it makes the downloading process quicker and saves space on your computer. Now on screen these photos are very similar and but once printed and tangible this image will not be as clear as its original.

Original Pic

This is my original picture before conversion.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Publisher '13

Photo credit: ...-Wink-... / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Analyzing Print Ad Designs

This a Van Gogh painting, designed with the proximity in its concept and theme. Both pieces of work have two very unique glares that give off a different feeling when viewing each separately. The logo and the fonts' also have proximity. Contrast in the picture can been seen by the different sized painting as well as the background colors which are complements on the color scheme. And the font is right aligned with reversed black and white design.
This ad is for the leaf blower in an exaggerated picture where its blowing power is implied to be unbelievably strong. The obvious contrast is in the giant snowball and the small people and the small snowball. The ads' proximity is with the blower and the giant snowball. There's contrast in the size of people and the snowball and the pole. Repetition lies in the pattern of trees. Its ad is right aligned at the bottom of the ad.
This a Jeep ad that has obvious repetition is the set up of surfboards and the life saver and the do not swim sign. Contrast in the size and color of the surfboards and the foreground of brown sand and the blue background. This ad is also right aligned at the bottom right of the ad as well. There is repetition with the surfboards and their styles and well as the circular shapes of the objects next to the surfboards. There is a small example of  repetition in the rocks behind the surfboards. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Look Blog

I changed basically every color possible on my blog. It was difficult to match the colors to the vision I had in my mind. I wanted the color design of my blog similar to the vibe the I would go for if I was designing a room. I was shooting for modern color with a modern look that wasn't too vibrant. In a nutshell, a new look with a mellow feel. I'll most likely change my colors several times and improve the way I mix and match the colors. I see my blog as a finished product, in reference to color, when my page text and titles standout on the page. At the same time, items such as my tabs, tags, and links I want to be unique but be the secondary focus of the page.