Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sample Script

The reason why we play. The best part about being a college basketball player. The final four. At all levels of DI, DII, and DIII. A student athletes dream to play in the NCAA basketball tournament that has created superstars, icons, and legends over the decades. 64 teams battle all for one common goal. Championship!

Selection Sunday. Now treated like a holiday when the NCAA committee announces what teams made the tournament, what seed they are and who the will be matching up against. As a fan you get your bracket and make your predictions on which teams will win. Fans can do multiple brackets and try to hit every possible outcome.

Schools with historical dominance try to regain their power. Kareem Abdul Jabar. Undefeated in high school, undefeated in college, and the all time leading scorer in the NBA. Made UCLA college basketball powerhouse. Now they have lost that prestige and have seen a power shift since he has left