Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tips 4 Shooting Interview

1.Rules of thirds when taking photos and video recordings.

2.180 degree rule is an imaginary line between two subjects. The goal is to keep the camera on one side of the create angle.

3.When staging an interview lighting and composition are key. 

4. LIGHT - Too much light or too little light can mess up a shot. Light diffusion create nice, soft, lighting. 

5. COMPOSITION -  Nose room and head room are the spacing in which your subject should be viewed. Don't break frame. Be creative in choosing a background.

6. When conducting an interview be sure to do a pre interview with your subject.
-Show respect to your subject by having your question prepared.
-Ask questions that will lead your subject to give detailed answered.
-Do not be afraid to lead your subject to the answer you want.
-Stick with your subject looking at you and not at the lens.
-NEVER cut off interviewee.

7. Be sure to have some take away/ noddy shots.

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